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Conventional coupling holds zero interest for your signs. Air sign Gemini is cooler and distant compared to Sagittarius, harder to read emotionally.The fiery Archer has a hot temper and wears his heart on his sleeve.That brio and derring-do is the badge of your spiritual kinship—a primal mating call that draws you together.

Gorging your bottomless appetites awakens a primal instinct in you both—you'll be tearing each other's clothes off before the second course.

Still, you make each other laugh; you're both clever, entrepreneurial and quirky.

You do best with a common goal that's a thousand times bigger than yourselves, and you'll dream up many.

Take globe-trotting Sagittarius Brad Pitt and Gemini Angelina Jolie, who traipse the continents with their ever-growing brood.

As best friends and playmates, they make their own rules about love and family—and you will, too.

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