San antonio dating scene

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” Raleigh, NC, took the top spot, with 66.7 percent of its residents satisfied with the dating scene.It’s followed by San Antonio, Texas (62.5); Boston, Mass. “We expect that each person surveyed rated their city based on their own personal experiences and observations of the dating scene in their city,” Andrew Woo, director of data science for Apartment List, told Bustle.In other words, being shallow has never been so easy. ACL affairs, Fun Fun Fun flings, SXSW whirlwind romances… every fest offers the chance to find the (temporary) love of your life. Social sports leagues are incredibly incestuous, and you could make an incredibly complex diagram mapping out how the pitcher from I’d Kick That has hooked up with Ballsagna’s entire infield. Subjects were asked, “How would you rate your current city or neighborhood for opportunities to date and make friends? Real-estate website Apartment List surveyed over 13,000 renters across the US to find the top 10 cities for dating in the country. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the details of that later in our methodology section.

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san antonio dating scene-19

From its movies in the park to its community barbecues and holiday festivals, Universal City is a wonderful place, not just to be single, but perhaps even meet another single and become, dare we say it, a couple.If you’re thinking this means the city has tons of restaurants and arts and entertainment venues, well, you’re right.But surprisingly, not as many per capita as some of our other places.Here’s the not so good news, well, at least for the ladies.Nearly 52 percent of residents are women while only 48 percent are men.

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