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Also, many of the printer settings that made it necessary to open reports in design view are no longer necessary starting in Access 2002 because of the Printer object (see Chapter 5 for several examples).If you are working in Access 97, you can take advantage of an undocumented but effective technique for hiding the hard-to-hide properties windows of reports that are open in design view.If Not Is Object(SAPgui App) Then Set SAPgui App = Create Object("Sapgui. Scripting Ctrl.1")End If If Not Is Object(Connection) Then Set Connection = SAPgui App. Set Focus By Id("wnd[0]/usr/txt RSYST-LANGU").caret Position = 2By Id("wnd[0]")VKey 0 'Here follows the recorded VBScript . In older versions of Access, you had to resort to hacks to hide reports in design view.Fortunately, that is no longer necessary in Access 2002 and later, because Microsoft has finally supplied a parameter that can be used to hide a report when you open it, even if it's opened in design view.

The code might look like this: The only way this will have any influence is if you call this code before you've loaded any reports in design mode.This function takes as its only parameter a window handle.If that handle is nonzero, Windows simply stops updating the contents of that window on screen.Most of these options are documented (see the online help topics for Get Option/Set Option), while a few items are not documented but do useful work.One such option allows you to retrieve and set the coordinates for the form or report properties sheet (in versions of Access prior to Access 2000) and to set whether or not you want the properties sheet to be visible when you open a form or report in design view.

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