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Round three and I think Harrison is winning some of the crowd over with his bravery.He hasn’t got much technique, but is as courageous as the Lion he’s fighting (sorry, couldn’t help it). Harrison, the size and speed of an Easter Island statue, is struggling to keep his huge arms lifted and it’s probably only the chinstrap on his headguard keeping him upright.I recognise James Haskell who is so comically huge he looks like a professionally drawn cartoon caricature of a huge person.I stare at his feet to make sure he is not actually a Bison.Not only is Harrison not moving a step back, he’s occasionally attacking and taking it to the favourite, resulting in some surprising roars of approval from the braying mob - most of whom are here supporting Grewcock.Whatever the outcome of this bout, Grewcock will know he’s been in a fight.

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Harrison is also smiling and as well as the right hooks he’s also launching a verbal torrent of his trademark sledging.In the ring both men look tall but Grewcock, in the red corner, has clearly been training.His biceps are as big as Gilberts and he’s looking psyched.But kudos to him, he never gives up and for a moment has Grewcock on the ropes.In the last seconds of the last round the guys go at it like they are fighting for their lives, which might even be true in Harrison’s case.

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