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This story has a lot of setup as the plot gets more complex, but I think the sex is well worth the wait. They enjoyed these moments together, sharing coffee while wearing little to nothing.I appreciate any and all comments, either posted publicly or sent privately. It felt so natural, and they felt very open with each other, physically and emotionally.And I agree that we are likely to feel better if we are doing these things together." As he finished speaking, Jessica was pushing him back into a reclined position on the sofa.She was between his legs and pulled his cock out of his briefs.Aaron then stripped off his boxers as she pulled off her panties.He laid down next to her, in the opposite direction and pulled her on top of himself, into a '69' position. Oral sex this way was their favorite type of foreplay before intercourse.While looking into his eyes, she lowered her mouth over his cock head and began sucking him.Aaron laid his head back and moaned, enjoying the sensations.

"Let's take this to bed." he announced as he carried her into their bedroom.His cock was becoming very hard from her oral ministrations.But he felt uncomfortable that the pleasuring was only one sided.Jessica squealed in excitement, anticipating hot sex with her husband."I want to show you how much I love you." he said with a devilish grin as he laid her on the bed.

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