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A continuación, se describe cómo construimos chatbots y lo que hemos aprendido hasta ahora. KEYWORDS: Chat; chatbot; Chat Script; conversation; Loebner; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial (by-nc) Spain 3.0 License.INTRODUCTION Top The task of a chatbot is to create an illusion – the illusion that you are talking with someone who understands and cares about what you are saying. However, for moments at a time it is possible to fake it.Bruce wrote it specifically to circumvent major failings in other chat languages. Generally, rules have four parts: – a rejoinder at a given level of nesting.

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Much like we teach our children right from wrong, bots also need to be trained to handle these types of comments.

Se necesita una gran cantidad de secuencias de comandos así como un motor de gran alcance diseñado para apoyar el procesamiento del lenguaje natural en diferentes maneras y lograr que le resulte relativamente fácil al autor toda esa secuencia de comandos.

En este artículo se analiza brevemente Chat Script, el código abierto Natural Language en el que programar y poner en marcha nuestros robots. PALABRAS CLAVE: Chat; chatbot; Chat Script; conversación; Loebner; Inteligencia Artificial; Lenguaje Natural.

While bots like Tay are meant to learn from being exposed to a variety of “natural” interactions, the reality is that A) a large amount of natural interactions in social media are racist, sexist, etc.

and B) when confronted with a bot who will repeat anything it hears, the temptation to say inappropriate things is too great (much the same way some people love teaching toddlers to curse).

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