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Dayanand Hiremath, Karnataka high court advocate, said divorce cases are on the rise and smartphones and Apps are among the main culprits.There was a time when family courts used to see 3,000-4,000 cases in a year.He was disinterested in family matters and he rarely gave her money to run the household.She approached a detective agency to get to the root of the problem.Advocate Revathy Rohira, a divorce specialist, said gone were the days when women filed for divorce because of dowry harassment. "Smartphones have taken over the lives of not just IT guys or upper middle class people, small businessmen and petty shop owners too are affected.I have had a case where the man complained that his wife was so obsessed with Whats App that she used it even when they had sex." IT geeks Rahul and Sneha, married for seven years, have a kid.He was found at a ladies garment store on Commercial Street.Manjula chanced upon an SMS on his phone saying the dress he had given for alteration was ready.

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Thank you for visiting the Secret website (Secret Encounters).He checked her phone but found nothing in her message inbox or other folders.He then used an App to retrieve her deleted messages and pictures.He discovered that Veena had an affair with their young neighbour.Manjula, a school teacher, noticed her husband, Raghavendra's, a businessmen, behaviour change after 16 years of marriage.

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