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INTRAcel, which costs £600 for each treatment, uses a combination of radiofrequency and tiny micro-needles to provoke the skin to regenerate.Altogether, Amal reckons she’s had £10,000 of treatment and has shrunk from a size 14 to a 10, helped also by diet and exercise.‘I had loose skin especially on my inner thighs, which is now firm. After my divorce three years ago, I felt low and didn’t like my body — I wanted to regain the shape I used to have.‘I hated the way my skinny jeans were so tight at the top, but about ten days after the treatment, I tried them on again and couldn’t believe it — they looked amazing,’ says Amal, a make-up artist from South-West London.‘But the best moment was after the treatment on my upper arms, which I could never seem to fit into the slim sleeves of designer jackets.‘At last, I can wear my Gucci jacket and feel good.’Amal’s case may sound extreme.So much so that Dr Selezneva now offers her patients a dedicated ‘Chanel job’ — eliminating the dreaded bingo wings to fit into the fashion house’s notoriously slim-armed jackets.Two applications of Cool Sculpting (one on each arm) cost from £1,700.I wasn’t particularly fat, but I was no longer the right shape for most of the expensive clothes in my wardrobe.

They don’t want to have to wear Bridget Jones-style figure- hugging underwear.’Property manager Sarah Gander, 52, another of Dr Selezneva’s patients, can certainly relate to that.‘I ended up having to wear Spanx underwear plus hold-you-in tights under my favourite designer clothes, especially my beloved black Herve Leger dress.

I felt like I was being sucked in like a sausage,’ she says.

Her problems began after an accident four years ago, in which she tore the tendons in her right leg.

She just wants to look better in her clothes.’Dr Selezneva is a lover of fashion herself — her most-loved designers are Chanel, Mc Queen and Victoria Beckham.

And even though she’s only 36, she’s had Cool-Sculpting on her waistline, back and chin, so she understands her patients’ distress about their body shape.

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