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Manlius' account is already suffused with legendary elements, and cannot be taken at face value as a historical source.Manlius recounts that Faust had boasted that the victories of the German emperor in Italy were due to his magical intervention.He was promoted to baccalaureus on 12 July 1484 and to magister artium on 1 March 1487.The first editions of Doctor Faustens dreyfacher Höllenzwang were printed in Rome in the year 1501.

Because of his early treatment as a figure in legend and literature, it is very difficult to establish historical facts about his life with any certainty.

In the 17th century, it was even doubted that there ever had been a historical Faust, and the legendary character was identified with a printer of Mainz called Johann Fust.

Johann Georg Neumann in 1683 addressed the question in his Disquisitio historica de Fausto praestigiatore, establishing Faust's historical existence based on contemporary references.

The last direct attestation of Faust dates to 25 June 1535, when his presence was recorded in Münster during the Anabaptist rebellion. He allegedly died in an explosion of an alchemical experiment in the "Hotel zum Löwen" in Staufen im Breisgau.

His body is reported to have been found in a "grievously mutilated" state which was interpreted to the effect that the devil had come to collect him in person by his clerical and scholarly enemies In 1548, the theologian Johann Gast in his sermones conviviales states that Faust had suffered a dreadful death, and would keep turning his face to the earth in spite of the body being turned on its back several times.

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