Sex morocco

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Al Morrakchia online news outlet almost daily reports a number of sex scandals in Marrakech and attributes the increase of this phenomenon to the lenience in Moroccan judiciary system towards sex criminals.In this regard, Abdelkrim Yassine, a journalist in Assahrae Al-Maghribiya newspaper, writes: We can say that the reason why foreigners prefer Morocco in general and Marrakech in particular is due to the lenience shown by the authorities.They encourage such kind of tourism by tolerating the illegal sexual services of many luxurious hotels.Officially, sexual tourism in Morocco does not exist apart from some intermittent deviant practices that take place anywhere else in the world.Other causes cited by the report include the violation of children’s socio-economic rights; a lack of public education on sex and human rights, especially for children; the disintegration of family structures; domestic abuse and a lack of responsibility on the part of schools.In addition, the report remarked that the lenience of Morocco’s legislation on child rape and the lack of a national action plan to protect children from violence are also major causes of prostitution and child sex tourism.In 2005, national newspapers probed into the details of an outrageous sex crime in Agadir committed by a journalist from Belgium called Philip Servaty.

However, this socially, culturally and morally ominous phenomenon has received less serious concern, if any, because sex issues have always been taboos in our society and, hence, socially and officially treated with reticence and caveats.These abused children are victims of sex tourists, especially those from the Gulf States and European countries.Marrakech is well known of its widespread abuse of children within the prostitution industry and attracts many child sex tourists each year according to the report made by the M6 French channel.But facts tell us that sexual tourism in Morocco is really ‘booming’.Facts about Sexual Tourism in Morocco Many commentators and journalists hold that after Tsunami’s destruction of the infrastructure of sexual tourism in southern Asia, tourists in search of sexuality and human bodies shifted their interest to Morocco as a new preferred destination with growing potentials in this regard, especially with the vulnerability and impracticability of the Penal Code.

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