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You should consult the protocol of the court you will be attending regarding the appropriate use of electronic devices.Generally, members of the public are not permitted to use electronic devices in the courtroom unless the presiding judge orders otherwise.To make sure that interpretation services are available when you need them, you should ask for an interpreter as soon as you know you will need one.Requesting an interpreter ahead of time allows court staff time to make arrangements for the date and time required.

Tools designed to remove images based on how much flesh was visible were throwing out too many non-nude face shots, so instead a system was implemented to ignore images that contained no recognizable faces.

You should arrive at court at least 30 minutes before you are required to be in court.

Through the province's Justice on Target (JOT) strategy, Ontario courts now give people charged with a criminal offence more information sooner so that more gets done at criminal court appearances to resolve your case faster.

There are some exceptions for counsel, paralegals, court staff, members of the media and parties to the proceeding.

The protocol for the Superior Court of Justice is available at The protocol for the Ontario Court of Justice is available at Whether you are an accused person, a surety, or witness you have the right to request interpretation services in Ontario courts if you do not fully understand or speak English or French.

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