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The show also included updates from families in previous episodes and clips of renovations that hadn’t been shown before.The entire design team and several families they have helped gather at the home of the Elcano family.The 21Sextreme network is on a mission to become your next guilty pleasure and they're doing a fantastic job at it.

A dedicated nighttime Southwest Airlines flight carried Paul, Tracy, the Popes, and 20 XP children to Orlando, Florida and Walt Disney World, which opened from midnight to 4 am just for the group. Ed Sanders & Tracy Hutson surprise a local pillar of the Fort Lauderdale community named Essie Reed, aka "Big Mama".

The families share memories of their home makeovers and everyone is entertained by a special guest. Ty then went to visit other families before returning to help with the clinic.

Each member of the design team went back to a past family and helped them "pay forward" their good fortune to someone else. Special guest – James Denton Preston visited Robin Leslie from Season 2, and found her an evacuee from Hurricane Katrina, living in a trailer in Mississippi.

They wanted to deliver holiday meals to sick people, and did so after Michael arranged for a major hotel to prepare over 100 meals. Ed & Tracy build Big Mama a community center for her non-profit organization, Team of Life.

The Broadbents also decorated the apartment of a man who had recently lost both his partner and his parents. Then the team visit the Little League field (home of the 2003 World Champions), and provides a local couple a surprise wedding after their prior two attempts were ruined by Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma.

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