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These include: While not directly addressed in the CBA statement, the bank's annual report also fleshed out some details on the refunds ASIC said must be made to customers who were charged for financial advice never given.

In October last year, the "big four" retail banks and AMP were accused of gouging 0 million in fees without service, with the CBA responsible for majority of the figure with 5 million.

Coroner Roger Hatch has delivered a damning assessment of the unacceptable hospital failures she suffered before her death.

Today Mr Cappuccini was in court with Frances' parents at the end of the 10-day inquest and said in a statement: 'Failures of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and those employed by the Trust cost Frankie her life. She was cradling her newborn who was feeding for the first time when she felt a 'gush of blood' caused by a piece of placenta left behind after the c-section and lost four pints of blood – almost half the amount in her body.

Frances Cappuccini, 30, died at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury, Kent, shortly after giving birth to her second son, Giacomo, by Caesearean section.

The school teacher, nicknamed 'Mrs Coffee' by pupils because of her surname, suffered heavy bleeding, went into cardiac arrest and died at 4.20pm on October 9 2012.

The bank says it now checking to see how many deceased estates have been affected, but it expects it to be not more than 1,000.And my friend, for all his wisdom, was at a loss to explain it.So, I did what any real student of anything does who is unable to find the answer by simpler means, and I embarked on a quest to discover the mechanisms of this phenomenon and to find the key to unlock its power for myself.Frances never woke from emergency surgery to stop the bleeding having told her husband Tom: 'I love you - if anything happens just make sure you look after the boys.'Speaking on behalf of the family solicitor Kate Rohde said today: 'Frankie was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter and sister.She was bubbly, intelligent, beautiful, loving and much loved.

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