Sheamus and maryse dating

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After allowing his broski to adjust, Dolph began to thrust in and out hard."Hey babe, you seen this? He was relaxing across a couple of comfy chairs in Catering, already dressed for competition in his black tights and boots, leaning into Cody who was watching an old Harley Race match on his i Pad. " Sami facepalmed, "Come on babe, we need to find Hunter STAT.""It's not our mess anymore," Cody said, "Wade is bringing any backlash onto himself! Afternoon," grunted Triple H, "Look, if it's a locker room issue, I expect you two of all people to sort it yourselves.""No," panted Sami, "I need to show you something, come on Codes."He yanked Cody inside and the bemused Cerebral Assassin just gave up and allowed the two Amigos inside. " he barked at Sami and Cody, "Report to Carrano immediately and I'll deal with you two later.""Yes boss," Sami said meekly, "Come on.."Cody wordlessly followed him out.Cody was always studying his game and Sami adored how fully absorbed into the sport's rich history Cody was. " Cody grunted."I think Wade's having a Twitter meltdown," Sami observed, "Look."Cody pulled off his Dre-Beats and paused the match video to read over Sami's shoulder."Oooh dear, Wade spilling that tea all over the place," Cody whistled, "Man..what's that about fucking the ex? As they suspected it was of Finn, on all fours, arse up, being fucked by Wade."Oh jeez, please Wade, enough," Cody groaned, "Stop being messy."Sami opened it. ""I mean, this will end Fergal's career," Sami said, "Pain in the ass though he can be, he's still my best friend and I'd hate to see shit happen to him.""Sami. "Sami had hauled him to his feet and was dragging him out into the corridor to find Triple H's office. The Game was appearing on the European tour as a wrestler so he was still on the road and backstage helping run the show. Zayn was another of his NXT pets so he was prepared to give them time to say whatever their piece could be."What can I help you with? Once the door closed, Sami collapsed against the wall."Holy shit," he breathed."You didn't need to go to Hunter," Cody scowled."And let TMZ get hold of this?He used his brute strength to push Miz roughly to the lino and get to his feet."OW! Cesaro dusted himself down."Touch me again and I vill break every bone in your body," he threatened before storming out of the locker room. He picked himself up and charged after the Swiss."So you're just gonna forget everything we had Claudio? Disgusting.""Ugh that'd be enough to make me want to phone in sick," Sami shuddered, "Seriously, I can't think of any dude with less sex appeal than that overweight, plastic, veneered skank who after almost a decade in wrestling still can't put on a half-decent match without his ass being carried.""Also what ratchet mess calls people whilst taking a dump?! Dolph removed his fingers from Miz's mouth and reached back behind the 230 pounder and inserted them inside Miz."Ohhhh YES! " joked Zack."No, I'm just proud enough to flaunt what I have," Miz smiled, "DO the same and it might give Mojo his modjo back.""I don't need sex life advice from a dude who now has to pretend he's straight," Zack replied."Easy man," Dolph deadpanned, "Feelin' hot Mike, my man?Kisses and low, grunting giggles."Ugh, do you have to pollute this fine city with your disgusting liplocks? He wasn't going to let this loudmouthed blowhard intimidate him. Maybe."Not touching those, I don't know vere zey've been," Cesaro snorted."Remember this, Claudio? Especially not of a low-rent slut who slept his way into this company and slept his way onto the shelf," Cesaro hit back, spurred on by the fact that he'd spotted Sami Zayn enter the corridor a few doors down, "How you still have a job here is anyone's guess when you are one of the worst wrestlers to have ever set foot in ze squared circle and you devalued the old WWE Championship to the point it had to be unified! ""I am one of the best talkers in the business.""Miz, Miz..zey boo you, it's called X-Pac Heat," Cesaro snorted, "Know vot zat means? in that case you need to stuff it it in a lead lined casket and bury it deep underground in the centre of Death Valley! It's no secret she helps protect my image.""Bro, much as I wanna, I don't want her Louboutin heel embedded in my ballbag," Dolph said, "Sorry man... "Miz whipped Dolph's black tights down in earnest."Something tells me you want this?

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Devitt made a total ass out of Wade and now he can pay the price. ""He wouldn't be so stupid.." Cody snorted."Really? ""We're giving him space, actually, Anderson," Sami cut in, "And now his old New Japan buddies are here, he doesn't miss us.""Actually, I've held the poor bastard as he's cried his eyes out over you two," snarled Karl, "It's cool you want to be with each other legit, but you could have done it another way instead of putting him in the fucking friendzone.""He's only dropping L-bombs along with his jizz cos he's using you to get at us," Cody clapped back, "Get with the programme Anderson.""LOOK!

I know this was originally part of Chapter 3, but I decided it was far too long and so I've turned the parts set in London into Chapter 4 (it's a little shorter than average). ""Oh, extremely," Miz shot DOlph his pearly whites, "Nicky, I need a word.""Sure bro, is it important?

I blocked him on my phone.""Me too, I gave Zayn an earful about lowering his standards," smirked Cesaro, "You know he and Rhodes are a proper couple now? " Sheamus raised an eyebrow, "I did wonder why Finn's not been around lately..that it's a bad thing cos he's such a bleeding drama queen..I'd have thought Rhodes and Finn would have dated not him and Zayn. ""I'm only playing," Cesaro said, casually stretching and his trunks went up between his ass cheeks."You better be wearing pants under those," growled Sheamus."Nein.""Claude...don't be such a tart. He'll try and get with you and then we'll have to suffer even more of him and his harpy wife.""Maryse doesn't intimidate me," Cesaro smirked, "I haff tea on her idiot husband anyway.""Claude, stop speaking like that. " the redhead breathed."He bores me," Cesaro deadpanned, "I must have been insane to hit that.""Especially after you and I.." Sami said wistfully."You're still sexy Sami," Cesaro smiled, "I hear you're a versatile now.""I'm taken," Sami smiled, "Not sure I'd be up to Sheamus' standards anyway Claudio."" und Cody ever fancy some European spice in your bedroom..." smiled the Swiss."Claudio..." giggled Sami, "Don't be cheeky.""You und Cody make a very hot couple," Cesaro said."Hey babe," Cody appeared behind the redhead, wrapping his arms around him and peppering his neck with kisses. " he snapped."Nicky, help me out," Miz gasped, "I'm dying.""What of?

Sheamus and Cesaro had just arrived from a leisurely post-gym lunch at Bodeans BBQ near the Tower Of London. In a way, with Wade gone, it really felt like he could move on from the mess that he had caused. " he asked Cesaro, who was already changing into his ring attire (sans the ripping suit)."I forgot that in ze UK Fandango gets a match cos of the stupid Fandangoing thing," complained the big Swiss."Oh..course," groaned Sheamus, "I doubt very much he'll bother us though. Dolph reciprocated, before realising that a) they were at work, and b) Maryse could find them at any minute."Fuck you doing?

I feel like I cursed him as he debuted in Chapter 3 :( Get well soon Enzo.18 April 2016, O2 Arena, London, England It was raining as expected in London's Docklands area where the famous O2 arena and former Millennium Dome was located. Cesaro had admonished him for getting burnt ends in his ever-bushier beard but Sheamus didn't care. " asked Cesaro."We're heading to Soho," Sami said, "I haven't explored London's gay scene for years! He was aching for male action and nobody was around to give him any. " Zack was forever envious how his friend alwas bagged the good deals at the arenas."Hollywood bro, plus, well, he has the ultimate arm candy," Dolph said."Come on Nicky, I haven't got all day," Miz pulled Dolph out of the locker room and into the corridor."Jeez bro, what's the sweat? Miz gave him no time to reply and pinned him to the world, clamping his lips onto his fellow Cleveland native's.

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