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The closest thing you can get to one of London’s skyscraper haunts, enjoy switching from gazing into your lover’s eyes to taking in the breath-taking scenery Cambridge and beyond has to offer.We know this is massively clichéd and that most of you will recoil at the thought of asking your better half onto a wooden boat while a guy who thinks he is jokes and has a suspiciously proficient use of his left arm ogles at you every time you hold hands.But punting really is funting – you get to see into loads of colleges you probably haven’t been arsed to visit, you get to snuggle, and you do feel ‘so Cambridge.’ Best time to visit: Weekdays, you don’t want to partake in the battle of Trafalgar with 800 other tourist couples trying to go on a niche Cambridge date.Also, try night times – you’ll have to punt yourselves, but it is pretty awesome/more private teehee.Even if you’re single, this is the perfect place to eat your feelings.Spend hours frolicking in the luscious, flower-laden meadows of the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. Though not strictly in Cambridge, we feel as if allowances can be made for Grantchester’s finest gastro-pub.Attractive Partners is a national company and covers ages 30 up to those in active retirement.

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In terms of population it is the 4th largest and has 5,847,000 people residing within it.

Our current recommended members providing service in the East of England include: One of the longest established agencies in the UK and now specialising in dating and introductory services for those in their 50,s, 60’s and 70’s.

Offers dating services for more mature individuals and excellent value for money, with prices starting from just £695 for a full years membership, which is less than online dating in some instances but with the same excellent standards of service through your own personal matchmaker and high level of confidentiality.

A fun, original and hands-on date, they will love it when you cutely get fudge stuck on your nose or drop your i Phone in the mixture.

Sticky fingers you may get (oh stop it), but its building up your adorableness will make it all worthwhile. King’s parade looks like the fucking marathon on weekends. Perfect if your date is a foodie/has Instagram, food Park is Cambridge’s first ever collective of street food traders.

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