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A red stain in the incised lines may be milk paint.

Place names include the Allegany River, Sennakaas, Logs Town, Allegany Indian Town, Shanapie Town, Fort Duquesne, Manongahealy River, Turtle Creek, Kuskuskies Town, Yauyaugany River, Sharps Town, Shingoes Town and Beaver Creek.

steering wheel" width="324" height="300" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 324px) 100vw, 324px" / dating the piece around 1856 and the fabrication location somewhere in Massachusetts?

If so, was the wheel salvaged from the burned out hulk of the Merrimack and reused on the Virginia or in 1862, did Tredegar Iron Works fabricate an entirely new wheel for the vessel? Was it recovered during salvage operations following the sinking of the Virginia?

The bold interior illustration of a slave and trader implies that the sailor was either brazen, proud of his profession, or both.

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Paddlebox ornaments such as this decorated the structure covering the paddle wheels.This is your chance to get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes in our storage areas and workrooms.Whether the artifacts are old or new, in storage or on display, each one has a story to tell.Used by the early Egyptians, figureheads were common until the transition from sail to steam in the late ninteenth century.is situated inside the main entryway of the Museum.

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