Stop being accommodating in relationships

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Eventually, you may be able to break through and have a surprisingly pleasant set of interactions.Fulfillment in our personal relationships is more likely to be attained when everyone behaves nicely, but even difficult people can show their softer side if you know how to reach them.

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You can probably also just as quickly identify the individuals with whom it is most difficult to get along.Or perhaps there is a person at work who sits discontentedly at his desk, complaining to anyone who will listen, and refuses to cooperate on any joint project.As with the surly in-law, you frequently feel like you’ve said something wrong or offensive, and it doesn’t seem possible ever to exchange a friendly word.It’s not only the people you know well who can make your life miserable by being cranky or unapproachable.You might pick up the phone to call a physician’s office and be put off immediately by the receptionist's curt tone of voice.

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