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I asked her to marry me in Polish — her first language.

The scene was right out of a movie and couldn’t have been more perfect.

A 30-YEAR veteran of City headhunting has set up an online recruitment network to bring new blood into boardrooms — and slash the costs of filling vacancies.

Susie Cummings, who claims to have more than 750,000 names in her contacts book, has created a database called Nurole to find the next generation of directors.

We’ve now been engaged for four wonderful months, and we are getting married Sunday. Neither one of us could have ever imaged we’d find someone so perfect to share life with — and especially not through a dating app.

On Monday, we are flying out of LAX to travel the world for more than three months as we grow our relationship as newlyweds. But we are proof that even the pickiest people can find the right match in L. The author is better known in the blogosphere as Fat Tony (even though he is super fit).

But what if one person gets sick — very sick, the kind that won’t get better — 2½ months...

For a new, modern touch, try adding that you have conflicting feelings about Serial, or for a more classic approach, just say you “hate drama.” Happy hunting!

Younger executives looking to find their first part-time boardroom post need only a recommendation from an…

A dating site that matches students with well-off “sugar daddies” provoked uproar in France yesterday after it advertised at Paris universities with a promise of financial reward.

The system could shake up the clubby world of boardroom recruitment, where candidates are traditionally invited to apply after being tapped on the shoulder by a headhunter.

Although Nurole is an invitation-only network, jobs will be advertised to everyone on it with the skills and interests that match them, much like an online dating site.

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