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established near the spot which will soon be the center of a great and beneficent educational institution." The university was founded as coeducational, and President Peck stated at the opening ceremonies, "The conditions of admission shall be equal to all persons...there shall be no invidious discrimination here against woman.... " Syracuse implemented this policy with a high proportion of women students.At the time, the ministers wanted a share of the funds from the Morrill Land Grant Act for Genesee College.They agreed to a quid pro quo donation of ,000 from Senator Cornell in exchange for their (Methodist) support for his bill.Colleges and universities admitted few women students in the 1870s.

At Syracuse, the Old Row continued to provide the framework for growth well into the twentieth century.The institution's roots can be traced to the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary (later becoming Genesee College), founded in 1831 by the Methodist Episcopal Church in Lima, New York.After several years of debate over relocating the college to Syracuse, the university was established in 1870, independent of the college.Since 1920, the university has identified itself as nonsectarian, The campus is in the University Hill neighborhood of Syracuse, east and southeast of downtown, on one of the larger hills.Its large campus features an eclectic mix of buildings, ranging from nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival structures to contemporary buildings.

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