Terri yip hoi and dating

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It also engages the public in creating characters and telling their own stories with a heart of innocence. Elders will tell children stories of picture books about ribbons and make them know the interesting use of ribbons.

There are also teaching materials about tying shoes strings, which helps the old and the young interact and achieves inter-generational harmony.

The HSBC Hong Kong Community Festival will be held on 26 November 2017 (Sunday).

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The activity enable participants in the community to give free rein to their negative emotions and to encourage them to learn to analyse the trivial matters in lives positively.

There will also be a quiz on the leaflets to raise the public's understanding of and interest in this exercise.

A community volunteer team is formed to collect resources generally considered as useless such as fruit peel and plastic bottles etc., which will be turned into treasures -- eco-friendly enzyme detergents.

to tell stories about Eastern District in the present and the past.

Volunteers will provide participants with natural body paints for body decorations featuring Eastern District.

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