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Another is that it derives from a term of abuse coined by the Scottish Jacobites in the 1745 Rebellion because of the defence of the town of Newcastle against them by supporters of King George (Geordie) II.

There was constant pillaging, looting, kidnapping, murder, and assorted mayhem.The reivers all had colourful names- - Ill Will Armstrong, Jock Stowlugs Armstrong, Fergie the Crow Bell, Nebless Clem Croser, Jock Halfe Lugs Eliot, Fingerless Will Nixon, .Geordie was a common name among these Border families - mentioned in Fraser's book are Geordie Kang Irvine, Ill-Drowned Geordie Nixon, Jingling Geordie.Billy connolly said this is definately the true story and I beleive Billy!The original Geordies were miners from Felling coal pit. The third possible origin is from George Stephenson, who in 1815 invented the miners' lamp.

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