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This is similar to studies carried out in diverse countries such as Finland, Germany and Australia where government agencies have accepted that most relationships between Thai women and foreign men are, in fact, bone fide.

She has now been given a mandate from the Swedish government to investigate the trend although government agencies and leading academic have also conductive a qualitative studies into the nature of the growing number of relationships between Swedish men and Thai women.

Although Sweden portrays itself to be one of the more liberal countries in Europe, the Swedish government is concerned with this as immigration becomes a powerful and divisive political issue.

In fact, the Swedish government has had several issues to deal with.

Although there is no accurate data on relationship breakdown between Thai women who marry Swedish men, it is likely to be lower than the overall divorce rate in Sweden which is now nearly 55%.

One UK man living in Sweden estimates that over 85% of marriages between Thai women and Swedish men are successful.

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