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Given the ongoing nature of this process, the Company has made no determinations with respect to any schedule for future liquidating distributions.The amounts distributed to stockholders may be affected by many factors, including the resolution of outstanding known claims and obligations of the Company, the incurrence of unexpected or greater-than-expected losses with respect to contingent liabilities, the assertion of claims that are currently unknown to the Company, the Company’s realizations on selling or otherwise monetizing the Company’s FATV interests and its other non-cash assets, the need to dissolve and wind up each of the Company’s subsidiaries, and costs incurred to wind up our business.The Company also announced that it no longer anticipates making publicly available unaudited consolidated financial statements or providing guidance with respect to estimated ranges of aggregate future distributions from the liquidation.Prior estimates should not be considered to be accurate as of any date other than the date such estimates were disclosed.Presentation materials can be viewed on your screen.

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She has also structured numerous cross-border arrangements, including U. and foreign private equity funds, real estate funds, timber funds and hedge funds.Total liquidating distributions, including this fourth distribution, since the filing of the Company’s Certificate of Dissolution in July 2014 amount to .37 per share of the Company’s common stock (approximately .1 million in the aggregate).The Company intends to continue to monitor its assets and liabilities and to make further liquidating distributions when advisable and consistent with its legal obligations.The record date for this distribution is March 15, 2016.The Company anticipates that the payment date will be on or about March 22, 2016.

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