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For most singles of marriageable age (21 years and older), we are reminded by our aged relatives at every Chinese New Year almost without fail.

Of course after you find the right one, there are also other levels (read: pressure) to pass such as getting married, have a kid, and then more kids. The minimum threshold to ‘saving one’s face’ (read: avoid humiliation) is to get married and the fear of being ‘left on the shelf’ is very real. Social stigma and stereotypes are still very much prevalent in Singapore but this is not good news for the country even as more people are marrying later, or not marrying altogether.

The cost for dating events and activities varies depending on what you signed up for.Gone are the days where your mom will arrange blind dates for you too. So I thought, The high-tea event was held at a rather atas restaurant in central Orchard.Once there, we are given a list of names of the other attendees and some writing materials to exchange our contact info with the opposite gender.There are many different activities for you to participate in; from outdoor adventure activities to movie outings and such. According to Glamour, an average woman will kiss 15 men (doesn’t say if they are in a relationship but let’s assume half are) before finding the right one.I’m going to double this amount to 30 people for both the men and women whom you will have to meet before finding your right one.

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