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• Support a longer run off period to collect milestones or royalties from out-licensed assets – up to three years under Delaware law with ability to extend for longer lived assets.

• Provide a vehicle to wrap up loose ends when lower value or less liquid assets remain. 101, can qualify as sale or exchange of shares for Federal Income Tax purposes allowing stockholders to recognize loss to the extent the cost basis of their shares exceeds the per share value of assets transferred to the liquidating trust.

Be sure to indicate how you would like your shares transferred by making a selection in Section 3-D of the form.

Indicate which type of transfer you are requesting.

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Qatar Holdings, an investor in Santander Brasil for nearly seven years, said it expects to remain the second largest shareholder of Santander Brasil after the sale.

Only qualified investors can participate, and the deals cannot be marketed through road shows or the media.

The offering follows a 95 percent increase in the price of Santander Brasil units in 2016, a rally that has puzzled many investors.

A liquidating trust is a new legal entity that becomes a successor in interest to the liquidating company at the point the company dissolves and all its assets and liabilities move to the trust.

Stockholders in the company become unit holders a/k/a beneficiaries of the trust.

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