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SAO PAULO, March 28 (Reuters) - Qatar Holdings LLC has put as many as 80 million units of Banco Santander Brasil SA up for sale, liquidating 40 percent of its position after shares have more than doubled over the past year.

In a Tuesday securities filing, Santander Brasil, the No.

The mechanics of transitioning to a liquidating trust are straightforward, but are not standard fare for these high priced professionals.

When making the decision to proceed with a managed liquidation of your company, as with most difficult business decisions required of Board and Management teams, taking the first step can be the hardest. Simply contact our team to discuss your company’s situation.

Alternatively, the liquidating trust can be a backstop for a complete and relatively quick transfer of liquidation responsibilities to a third party trustee when a management team finds itself unable or unwilling to complete the liquidation effectively.

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Indicate which type of transfer you are requesting.

Only qualified investors can participate, and the deals cannot be marketed through road shows or the media.

The offering follows a 95 percent increase in the price of Santander Brasil units in 2016, a rally that has puzzled many investors.

3 private-sector bank, said the offering of units will be underwritten by its investment banking unit as well as Bank of America Corp and Credit Suisse Group AG .

Santander Brasil units correspond to a blend of one common and one preferred share in the bank, a division of Spain's Banco Santander SA .

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