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have a trafficker that's using drugs and keeping you drugged up, you're not going to be orientated to your environment or where you're at," said Liz Hoffman, a sexual assault nurse at Aurora and a survivor of sex trafficking."You're sent all over the place, to wherever the money is at."Moving around helps pimps evade law enforcement, and they may consider customers to be more affluent in the Fox Valley, said Oshkosh Police Department detective Paul Frey."They feel that there's more money to be made," he said."Now, 70 miles per hour (is the) speed limit, so it's get on it and go, and you're going through each major city in Wisconsin, essentially.""Rachel," a former victim of trafficking, spent time in Fox Valley communities.Her experience, authorities say, is further evidence that the insidious crime of sex trafficking does, in fact, happen here.​RELATED STORY:'Pimpin' Partners' charged in prostitution network RELATED STORY: Can public shaming end sex trafficking?

"They say, 'I saw a sign, I couldn’t even tell you if I was in Indiana or Missouri.' They don’t know because they traveled all night."The travel component shows up in the patterns that agents see in online sex ads, and in what they gather from informants throughout the state.

Rachel's pimp saw a market in Rock USA and Country USA.

Experts say traffickers could be expecting a big payday with the upcoming EAA Air Venture, when thousands of aircraft enthusiasts gather in Oshkosh at the end of the month."There's no shortage of escort ads during events like EAA," Frey said.

In Wisconsin, lawmakers last year passed a bill to create posters featuring the national human trafficking hotline for, among other places, truck stops and gas stations.

Rachel can list some of the places she was sold — Omaha, Chicago, the oilfields of North Dakota.

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