True love waits christian dating

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The new True Love Waits 3.0 points out significant markers in our lives and uses them to teach us how walk a path of purity.

It promotes a practical approach to abstinence rather than just saying "don't have sex before marriage." The program hosts conferences and provides materials to parents, churches, and youth groups around the world.

Helps students understand the positive aspects of "just hanging out." This unique resource is really two study books in one: one half for girls, the other for guys.

This allows the leader to divide the group by gender for parts of the study so they can more comfortably discuss sensitive issues and topics.

"Purity - Matthew 5:8" scripture is plated into the ring.

High polished double cross runs through the entire band. Stainless steel petite band with ebony high gloss finish and 12 clear cubic zirconium encased stones covering 1/3 of the face while remaining 2/3 reveal electroplated scripture "True Love Waits - 1 Timothy ".

True Love Waits promotes sexual purity not just in a physical way, but also in a cognitive, spiritual, and behavioral way.

This stainless steel ring is engraved on a mobius strip band. It reads:"Today, I Promise I will Wait agreeing to stay pure, because I know God loves me and His blessing is in store." This stainless steel spinner ring comes from the Song of Solomon 6:3 "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine." One side of the ring is in the sacred Hebrew text, the other side is the English translation.

This ring is popular for couples that have pledged their purity. Love Waits Ring with a heart symbol with cross inside!

Stainless steel petite band with 6 clear cubic zirconium encased stones surrounding larger set cubic zirconium stone.

Engraved black enamel scripture on back side of ring reads, “True Love Waits – 1 Timothy ” POPULAR!

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