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Drama is reserved for ledes that bleed, i.e., crime and confrontations. It’s a formula, differing mostly in graphics, presentation and the personalities of the persons reading the script. There’s a long standing tradition of prioritizing content based on what appears in print media.In San Diego that means “Papa Doug” Manchester and his Mission Valley minions have a disproportionate influence when it comes to political reporting.According to the report, there is no plan to sell the Mexican pay TV operation, which has been investing in wireless services.AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference earlier this month, said that the company would be “monetizing assets this year and next” to help pay down its debt.And besides, look at the competing schools of thought–if you’re willing to believe in the objectivity fairy, more power to you.Motivated by an attempt to save a progressive talk radio station in San Diego, Jennifer Douglas and Jon Monday made the film Save KLSD.XETV – San Diego 6 (The CW Network)- Owner: Televisa Grupo Televisa.The company was listed as a monopoly in a 2006 embassy memo released by Wikileaks. Spanish-language media company Univision Communications. The company is headed by billionaire Emilio Azcárraga Jean.

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AT&T has pay TV operations in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and some other countries.In addition to owning 56% of the country’s broadcast tv stations, they own Cablevision which dominates Mexican cable companies and Sky, which has a majority of the country’s satellite business. From Forbes: Over the past few years, Televisa has been making inroads into telephone and internet services.It also owns a 50% stake in Mexico’s third-largest mobile telephone company, Grupo Iusacell. Azcárraga became the CEO of Grupo Televisa after the death of his father in 1997.Mobile operator Millicom has also been growing in the region, including in fixed networks.The company is planning to launch a next-generation TV service in Colombia soon.

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