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While their actions may not cause physical harm, the impact can still be distressing, damaging and far-reaching.

The Internet provides an unrivalled level of freedom, which unfortunately can lead some individuals to act in ways they would not in public.

Nowadays there are numerous ways in which thieves can access your information without you knowing, so to limit the chances of this happening do not publicise information that could put you at risk.

Online grooming most commonly occurs in chat rooms and on social networking sites, where predatory adults use this method to contact young people by disguising himself or herself as another young person.

Hacking Sometimes bullies manage to obtain log in information that they use to hack into their victim’s email or social networking accounts.

From here, they commonly send abusive or inappropriate messages to the victim’s contact list.

Cyber stalking can include: If you are a victim of cyber stalking, ensure that you keep a record of as much evidence as possible and report the stalking to the police.

If some of the stalking has occurred online, make sure you report the incident/s to the website administrator.

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