Updating a 1970s home

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One of the major drawbacks for the family was that all four of them had to share just one bathroom, which was situated on the first floor.

‘We had looked at various ways of fitting in an en suite upstairs, but it just wouldn’t work,’ says Jed.

The alternative would cost an additional £50,000 to implement.

The couple decided to go with the second, more expensive option as they thought it was a more radical design, consisting of a spacious sitting room downstairs and a new master bedroom and en suite upstairs.

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‘The size and location of the house were perfect, but the property itself wasn’t our ideal,’ he continues.

The family continued to live in the house while their builder excavated the garden, constructed the new extension, replaced all of the original windows and remodelled the layout.

‘It took 16 weeks to complete, which was exactly the time frame we had been quoted at the planning stage,’ says Sarah.

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