Updating a house to 100 amps

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And it costed me /plug So it could get expensive fairly quickly, plus they'll leave a number of holes in the ceiling of the basement because they need to fish the wire.I had mine upgraded a couple of years ago from 60 amp to 200 amp. I think the estimate from my electrician was about 0 less to go for 100 amp.All I had done was the panel upgrade and move the mast to another part of the house. we got this service amp upgrade done before we moved in.Cost around 00 and that was cheap consider most contractors were asking 00... We referered that contractor to our neighbours as well and they were very pleased.

updating a house to 100 amps-17

updating a house to 100 amps-54

We try to remember to not do the dryer and the oven cause that's what trips it but its a pita.We did the 60-100 upgrade at the cottage last year..half a day and just over 1000 if I recall including new mast and new meter.For a full house I'd also consider going with a 200a.Nows a good time to also think about any other electrical work you may want done i.e .running a wire for a jacuzzi tub, pot lights, etc.as some of it can be easier with the panel out, and they're more likely to give you a better rate since it saves them a trip.

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