Updating dat files

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Items listed in the file are then copied, not moved.

Shortcut(.lnk) files make up the majority of the items in the file, because files are very small and are not symbolic links.

The -File parameter copies the file from ROM, as defined by the Windows directory, into the My Projects directory with the My Project Program file name. The following code example shows how the subdirectory locations for the Program Files directory could be rewritten.

When updating the files, you can use IF and ENDIF conditional blocks and, optionally, the NOT (! IF IMGINCLUDEAPPS Directory("\Program Files"):-Directory("My Projects") ENDIF IF IMGNOACC !

By default, Forefront TMG publishes automatic discovery information on port 8080.

If you are using a WPAD entry in DNS, you must publish on port 80.

Two directories, My Documents and Program Files, are located below the root directory.

In addition, three subdirectories — My Projects, Accessories, and Communication — are located in the Program Files directory.

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updating dat files-80

Then clients connect to the server to obtain the automatic Web proxy settings.

The file or link is created in the RAM file system that is part of the object store in the directory specified by the file.

The following code example shows typical entries in a file.

Regardless of environment variable settings, the Communication directory is included in the OS image.

Items placed in the ROM image appear in the Windows directory automatically.

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