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The dynamic update feature makes clients vulnerable to hijacking.For example, a malicious user could register a computer as a WPAD server and direct all WPAD queries to it. The DNS Server role in Windows Server 2008 introduces a global query block list to reduce this vulnerability risk.

Every day thousands of users submit information to us about which programs they use to open specific types of files.

By default, Forefront TMG publishes automatic discovery information on port 8080.

If you are using a WPAD entry in DNS, you must publish on port 80.

root:-Directory("My Documents") root:-Directory("Program Files") Directory("\Program Files"):-Directory("My Projects") Directory("\Program Files"):-Directory("Accessories") Directory("\Program Files"):-Directory("Communication") Directory("\Program Files\My Projects"):-File("My Project Program", "\Windows\Myproj.exe") root:-File("\control.lnk", "\Windows\control.lnk") The root: statement defines the root directories for the OS image.

The root: statement is used to create any subdirectories that must be the first entry in the file.

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