Updating gsa advantage sip

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We have nearly two decades of experience with Right Fax Fax Servers and related document delivery solutions, providing Right Fax software sales and support across all areas of government. We are currently working with local, state and federal entities, including the U. We work with your Contract Specialist (CS) or Contracting Officer (CO) to answer contract related questions and ensure your modification gets completed in an expeditious manner.

® catalog files does not result in automatic cancellation of the contract or removal from e Library.

In January GSA sent an e-mail message to those Schedules contractors who had not updated their GSA Advantage! In the e-mail, contractors were advised to update their files within 90 days to avoid removal of their catalog information from GSA Advantage!

®: GSA will continue to identify contractors on a weekly basis who have not updated their catalogs within the past two years.

GSA e Library is the one source Federal agencies use for the latest GSA Schedule Contract listing, Schedules information, Special Item Numbers (SINs) and contract award information.

Check if your contact information, text files and socio-economic status is current so that potential government customers can easily reach you.

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