Updating my address book bebo worm

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The Up-Clicker Trojan [3] attempts to evade sandbox analysis by staying idle and waiting for a mouse click before activating itself.Fig.4: Code showing Up-Clicker Trojan set to activate on mouse click Browser Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Sniffing This attack exploits differences in the way in which security scanners and web browsers identify the content returned by an HTTP server.

Fig.3 shows a Proof-of-Concept [2] archive file that is capable of evading security scanners Fig.3: Crafted ZIP file with NULL data prefixed.You see, unlike a typical blog, twitter wants to know “What are you doing? You have a text box with 140 characters, and the idea is that you give a running commentary of every moment of your life. The thing that makes twitter stand out is that all messages can be sent and received via your favourite instant messenger.. So what you end up with is a service that’s half way between a blog and a “group instant messenger”. Well it’s partly down to the kind of people that are using the service.All messages you send automatically appear on all your “friends'” pages, and all their messages appear on yours. You see, twitter is very popular with the geek community on the West Coast, and has kind of spread out from there.The attackers now target the most vulnerable element of any organization – the human.Social engineering tactics are used to entice an individual or a group of users into running code, which will allow the attackers to introduce their malware into the organization’s network.

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