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Note, if you are in the legacy Two Password Mode (i.e.

you login with both a Login Password and Mailbox Password), resetting your Login Password will also make your existing emails unreadable.

Resetting your password will make it impossible to read your existing emails (due to the encryption that we use to protect your data).

If you know your current password, please change your password instead of resetting it.

The script assumed that all services on the farm were running with the same domain account, which may be a standard configuration for a standalone development server, but is not realistic in a production Share Point Farm.

As there was no centralized management and deployment of passwords across a Share Point 2007, the password updates for service accounts had to be entered on every server in the Share Point farm.

In short, assuming all Share Point service accounts for a Share Point 2010 farm are using a single account, the entire script from the KB article could be replicated with the following Windows Power Shell command: Note: Windows Server 2008 R2 includes managed accounts at the operating system level.

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To use an email address in your account that is associated with another Hootsuite account, the other account email must first be updated.You can then configure a weekly or monthly e-mail notification schedule.Once managed accounts have been registered and mapped to services, there are four ways to update the password.In the Automatic Password Change section, select the Enable automatic password change check box to allow Share Point Server 2010 to manage the password for the selected account.Next, enter a numeric value that indicates the number of days prior to password expiration that the automatic password change process will be initiated. In the Automatic Password Change section, select the Start notifying by e-mail check box, and then enter a numeric value that indicates the number of days prior to the initiation of the automatic password change process that an e-mail notification will be sent.

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