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You can purchase one year directly from Quicken.com, or if you buy from a retailer (Staples, Office Depot etc.) they are selling two year memberships.Unless you buy the starter edition the only difference is the length of time you have before you need to pay again to maintain the download services (the starter edition becomes read only if you don't renew but other editions allow manual entry). Is the value of Quicken to you worth the price to renew every year or two?

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I've seen some posting here and on Amazon that says that Quicken is now a subscription service but I'm confused as to what this really means to me.

And there apparently isn't anything earth-shattering new in the 2018 version. But some people are compelled to feel they need to have the latest of everything. Because it's already been shown that Quicken 2018 is anything but "the greatest".

Third, if you upgrade EVERY year, then the subscription makes sense. Pro Golfer, The Office Depot price for 2 years would equate to .17 a month vs.

Some people pay more than that per day at Starbucks, the perception of value is subjective.

Dan, Thanks for the info but one last follow-up question. I would say if you're using Quicken's Bill Pay feature, it would be a no brainer to upgrade to Quicken 2018 Premier.

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