Updating timezone on redhat9

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May take less time than shown below EDT is now JST.

date Mon May 4 JST 2015 So I have gone through the example shown above with success cahngeing to Japan time zine.

Whether DST is honoured in a particular region and if so, what its start and end dates are, can change over time.

The may return errors if other time zone data is not recent enough.

In this case that would be the time zones that are listed in the northamerica file.

The documentation is unmodified to be compliant with upstream distribution policy.

This is where I began type "date" and get the current date time in this example = "Mon May 4 EDT 2015" Logged in as root I have success.

I've done this before not as root and not good results, so my guess is that if you do this you will get good results.

Since the date and timezone of the client and server are the same, this perplexes me. I need the time returned by the server to be the local time as a client of the machine is trying to synchronize files using Dreamweaver's ftp client which will not upload if a newer version of the file is already on the server. I'm currently running Red Hat 9 with VSFTP (the default) as the server.

It seems as though the MDTM is returning the UTC time as it's supposed to, but no client registers that it should use an offset to align to EDT. I have the time set to EDT and am updating off of a NTP server.

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