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Java 7 introduced a number of useful features to the language, including a new I/O file package which offers finer grained control over file system functionality, particularly for POSIX based systems, than was possible using the older package.This article will first introduce the new API, and then explore it in more detail using an example of a web-based file manager project, called Web Folder.The following table gives a short overview of base classes and interfaces from both packages Whilst File provided both file location, and file system operations, the new API splits this into two.

Please note that ZIP files store file modification times with a granularity of two seconds.If you round down, the archive will always seem out-of-date when you rerun the task, so the default is to round up.Rounding up may lead to a different type of problems like JSPs inside a web archive that seem to be slightly more recent than precompiled pages, rendering precompilation useless. In the sections that follow we’ll look in more detail at particular improvements.The new file package introduces a new way of traversing a file system, which is intended to be more memory efficient in comparison to the older array and filter based version.

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