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The mouse and touchpad become unresponsive, audio stops after a few seconds, and the OS never recovers.

The only option is to force a shutdown via the power button.

They are stuck at The actual server is on 8.2.0749 and can create new organisations at that level.

The upgrade fails with this issue: I then built a CRM 2016 server at which created a new organisation also at that level.

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Then, when you "Browse for firmware update", go to that location (your desktop or wherever) and select that file.I cannot open this as the error comes up saying "please select the ZIP archive containing the Kasina FW and the firmware number" I cannot find any other downloads on my system.Links to support go dead on the mind place site and the support form on the website will not submit using chrome. many thanks Finbar Hello Finbar; I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with your Kasina!So I was at the Seven Cats Inn and bought the 4 cards the innkeeper had for sale. However when I checked the guide, there was no change in the number of cards yet to collect from before I played her, although some of the cards I bought were not duplicates.Weve been running 10.12 since the day it was released, and after some heavy testing on the new OS this morning, it's safe to say that Smaart v7/Di/v8 are working as expected.

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