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However, their tunes haven’t been everyone’s cup of tea.

Soaring in the mornings and evenings was also often an option.

For newer pilots or for anyone needing a bit of hand-holding, Kamshet to the north with its schools and reliable soaring conditions would probably be a better choice.

Five hours later, we arrived at Eco Camp Panchgani 150km to the south – our oasis of calm in the Western Ghats mountains.

Eco Camp is run by a motorbike tinkering, cheese making, paraglider flying Canadian, Andre, and his wife Meg who, between them, make the place feel like home for the random bunch of pilots who end up there, creating a great sense of community among the pilots from around the world.

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A person revealed her character through kind acts, true friendships and deeply heldconvictions.” But toward the end of the 1800s, as young people began flocking to the country’s rapidly growing urban areas, the rules of courtship — and ideas about what made for a good partner — were upended.

They were recently exposed recycling their music in their two hit singles, "How You Remind Me" and "Someday", which sound nearly identical when played simultaneously.

Top landing is usually an option, so getting home often wasn’t a challenge.

Occasionally the crowds gathering to watch you pack and have their photo taken with you could get a bit much, but for the most part, people were just fascinated, wanting to know where they could learn, where we came from and what we thought of India.

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