Usps tracker not updating

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I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon and through their site I was getting current, updated tracking info for one of my packages all the way across the country and currently says my package is already at my local post office "waiting for delivery." When I plugged the tracking number into USPS's site throughout it's travel time, I would (and still) get only: The U. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on November 17, 2011 to expect your package for mailing.

Just to lighten the load, so to speak, on their drivers? And except for all the other exceptions, private industry has always run things better than government. I've never been all that thrilled with the USPS tracking system, but I also couldn't let a slide an unsubtle dig that the USPS is poorly run.Whatever reason you have a problem with USPS share with Is Down Right Now. Mail service, the main issues that will impact users the most would be a outage and of course mail or packages getting lost or not turning up for delivery when they were supposed to, and if this happens we want to know about it.The USPS (United States Postal Service) now has over 617,000 workers with over 211,000 vehicles working to get you delivery to you. Complaints in the past have included a few customers saying they would use UPS rather than USPS because things do not get delivered when they are supposed to."Lightening the load" on drivers really is what it's all about.That's the most complicated part of the logistical challenge.

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