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It’s not just about focusing on myself and having a little fun before settling down; it’s about learning critical lessons about myself and about life that will prepare me to have a strong, successful family now and in the future. What I do now will shape the way I view family relationships, family culture, family finances, everything. And, as someone once said, “If it’s not all right, it’s not the end.” And I’m banking on that. I’m learning who I am and what’s really important to me, and these decisions will shape the rest of my life. After praying about it and discussing it with her family, Lindsay was still determined to have a relationship with Blaine."She said, 'Well we're getting married, so you take your time to figure out whatever you need to figure out,'" Blaine Hickman said.Blaine said he's happy with the choice he made, even if that means denying his sexual desires.Which isn't to say that Blaine and Lindsay have a sexless marriage.

"I felt like a teenager dating for the first time and getting this part of life that I had denied myself," Christensen said.

Randon left the LDS Church, and his marriage started to crumble. "I was worried about what the fallout on my children would've been," Spackman said. Their relationships with their ex-wives are positive and supportive.

"My ex-wife calls him her ex-husband in law," Spackman said.

"Initially I think it was motivated a lot by fear," he added.

For Blaine, marrying a woman who is a member of the LDS Church was the only choice that made any sense.

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