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At the same time the National September 11 Memorial Museum, then still under construction, was “filled with at least seven feet of water during the [Hurricane Sandy] storm.” The flooding had nearly immersed two fire trucks, while the symbolic last column, the steel cross, and the survivor’s stairway were all also partially submerged.

And this damage happened after years of conservation and climate controlled storage. Photo Source: Property of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

The flooded National September 11 Memorial Museum, 2012.

Photo Source: Copyright 2012 The New York Times Company.

This is 1 of 3 in the series of blog posts that explores this relationship.

When the “conservation treatment for each large flag would cost between ,000 to ,000” how do you prioritize it over other objects?And with their modest budget they were just hoping “to earn what we earned (last year) or better,” which after closures and emergency costs they could not do.Conservation as a profession is a balance between the practical and the theoretical knowledge.To make a bad situation worse, “the museum had no flood insurance, [so] it will depend heavily on donations to recover.” Larry Gregory, the museum’s president, stated “right now we’ve got to devote all our resources to staying in business,” so routine conservation and maintenance took a back seat to long-term recovery.The flooded exterior of the River and Rowing Museum.

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