Vic zhou and ariel lin dating

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As is the current trend right now in China to include at least one Korean artist in their movies, Lala 2 is not an exception.

Im Jin Ah, more known as Na Na by her fans, will be playing as the first half of the third party that will go between the characters of Vic and Ariel, with Bolin being the second half.

Out of all the F4 members, only Vic Chou and Vanness Wu are able to maintain a stable relationship with their respective ladies.

Vanness Wu has been married with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo for two years now.

Included in his past dating lists were Kelly Lin, Li Bingbing, Maggie Wu and Jiang Xinyu.

It’s still yet to be seen whether his relationship with Wen Wen will last.

Not so long ago, F4 had been the ideal embodiment of the male species, the living model of how men should be in the minds of most teenage girls.

Ken Chu has been out of the limelight since deciding to leave showbiz for more then two years now, but that didn’t stop the media from losing interest with his private life. No matter how hard they try to keep their relationships out of the spotlight, the media and the public still can’t seem to lose their interest over them.It was such a beautifully drama that was so much than I could have asked for from a drama.Its director definitely played a huge role for the success of the drama with it taking home Best Director too.Fans and media alike have been constantly flocking to the filming site everyday, hoping to get a glimpse of the power cast in action.One media outlet even managed to get some exclusive photos during filming.

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