Websites where aunties pay for sex

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Indian sex workers work in various settings (e.g., brothels, lodges, and homes) [5].Researchers and/or programmers have developed typologies to classify sex workers based on their work environment.This paper presents the main findings of a qualitative study of the modes of operation of female sex work in Belgaum district, Karnataka, India, incorporating fifty interviews with sex workers.Thirteen sex work settings (distinguished by sex workers' main places of solicitation and sex) are identified.The study aimed to examine HIV-related vulnerabilities across “all” sex worker categories, including those not represented in previous IBBA surveys.Based on discussions with programmers from the local NGOs, Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT) and Belgaum Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS), thirteen sex work settings (distinguished largely but not wholly by place of solicitation and place of sex) were identified: brothel, lodge, street-to-brothel, street-to-lodge, street-to-street, street-to-rented-room, street-to-home, home, phone-network, parlour, dhaba, highway and agricultural workers.Among the five Karnataka districts that took part in the IBBA, Belgaum has the median rank on the human development index (HDI).(Out of the 27 districts in Karnataka, the ranks of the IBBA districts are as follows: Bangalore Urban 1, Shimoga 5, Belgaum 8, Mysore 14, and Bellary 18.) Moreover, Belgaum has a vibrant diverse sex work industry.

The peer educators told women in the community about the study and asked for volunteers.

While most participants were interviewed in one session, a second interviewing session was conducted if the first interview lacked information about a certain topic (following translation into English); while the identity of the participants was never recorded, the second session was possibly given the number of participants and the short period of time between the interview and its translation.

Informed consent was obtained from all participants.

Of these, dhaba and highway-based sex workers are poorly covered by existing interventions.

The paper examines the HIV-related vulnerability factors specific to each sex work setting.

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