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So part of it is just inherent in the genre but I do think part of it was how quickly we moved through those stories.And how hard it was to kind of get that back." On Fox hating Seth: "That was a challenging character to get everybody to sign up on.Because in the beginning Fox was saying, 'Well if Ryan (Ben Mc Kenzie) is our Luke Perry who is our Jason Priestly? And I was like, 'We're not doing that show.' So the idea that our second male lead was going to be a nerdy, comic book-loving Jewish kid was a bit scary.When we cast [Adam Brody] he was somebody who had so much charisma and was so funny and obviously adorable for the ladies, and the network felt much more at ease with him in the part." On Fox hating Seth so much they actually tried to abort him: "I was told at one point they really did not like the Seth character early on in the pilot process and the way the note was relayed to me was, 'Could the Cohens have had an abortion?so if you were an indie rock band this was kind of the only way to get your music heard for a while." On indie artists turning him down: "The one band I remember turning us down was Arcade Fire early on because they didn't want to license anything back then.

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C., bitch (you have to say it like that or doesn't count) along with Ryan Atwood, and the hit television series "The O.But I actually would not do Oliver over again because people really do remember it and there's a value to that." Why he killed off Marissa: "You know, that was a really challenging decision and moment for the show. I mean creatively, we felt like we had told those stories and that this was always kind of in Marissa's DNA.That she was a tragic character and that try as he might, Ryan ultimately wasn't going to be able to save her ...I guess I'm happy that all these bands are making a nice living.I think that there are definitely times that I hear songs that are on shows or in movies and I think 'Hey, we used that on our show years ago.' ...

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