What is helium dating

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Helium is commercially recovered from natural gas deposits, mostly from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.Helium gas is used to inflate blimps, scientific balloons and party balloons.This suggestion was experimentally supported by the investigation of the kinetics of radiogenic helium release from native gold.

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Gorokhovskii, 2014, published in Petrologiya, 2014, Vol. They could be an artifact of the experimental or collecting method (e.g., defects in the zircons caused by rapid cooling) or from just plain sloppiness. Helium diffusion age of 6,000 years supports accelerated nuclear decay. helium results could easily be due to an aberrant sample.Helium is an inert gas and does not easily combine with other elements.In this paper, we consider the application of the U-Th-He method of isotope geochronology for native gold dating.

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