What is miscalculation of pregnancy dating

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:-s i would press your doctor for a dating scan- they would take one looke at you at agree that theres no way you're only 5 weeks!

I know I'm carrying extra weight normally, but it does look like a LOT at the front and it's gotten really big really fast without a real change to my diet.She said to call my GP or the midwife again and ask to get examined, they can tell by how far up my uterus is if I'm that far along, other than that I need to wait for the scan.So going to try and call the midwife centre tomorrow.Give the hospital a call or at least try and talk to a midwife.a lot of the tests they do are date dependant so you may need some straight away. i seen you on friday and if i'm honest i had a good old look at ur tummy cos i knew you were pregnant and it definatelty did not look in the slightest bit pregnant. is it possible that it was a bleed and not a period?

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