White women dating site

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The one thing we do all agree on is that it comes down to society.In Western culture, there is still a 'white' beauty standard.If you’re from an Indian background you might prefer to date someone Indian.For some people, dating outside their race isn’t acceptable to their family and it’s not what's been done.They can’t categorically denounce it because it’s often unintentional.When people say they’re just not attracted to a certain race, it's hard to question that.

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It’s similar to how Sarah feels: “I can understand people making cultural assumptions, but in a dating context it seems to be purely objective.

They’re just following suit.” That’s more understandable – after all it’s been going on for centuries.

But there does seem to be a difference between making cultural assumptions, and people claiming they’re just not attracted to certain races, or fetishising them.

A man messaged her, telling her how attractive he thought her “Latino tan” was.

When she pointed out that she was actually Indian, and naturally brown, he stopped replying immediately.

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