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Its age is estimated to be between 1,080 and 1,130 years since the buried fragments of the impacting meteorite are all found above a layer of carbon from a forest fire dating around 1,100 years ago.More than 3,000 pieces of the impacting meteorite have been found (as of 2012).The pieces are shrapnel, mostly between a few grams and 500 grams in mass, with sharp edges and mechanically deformed from the impact, but showing no sign of impact melt.About one-half dozen individual meteorites have also been found with the largest weighing 31 kilograms. Most fragments were ejected eastward from the crater.Approximate distribution of the ejecta blanket and the main soil pit and auger hole site locations are also provided.

Several other meteorites of similar scale were recovered from additional localized anomalies evident only in the raw data.In this image, the overlying ejecta represents ejected Ae horizon material. Combined results of two magnetic surveys performed using the GEM Systems GSM 19-TW. Dense vegetation along the southern half of the grid made surveying slightly more difficult.A large magnet was found at the large positive anomaly on the NW crater rim (one of three found to date, likely left behind by meteorite hunters).Stevens was hunting in the area, and later found the first fragments of the meteorite while metal detecting on the crater rim.The meteoritic nature of the fragments, and thus the authenticity of the crater, was confirmed by Dr.

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